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Dear Sir/Madam

My daughters school gave me information on this product which said that I would be able to get this prescribed FOC for my daughter who is 6. The information also listed a number of chemists.

However, my doctor is not willing to prescribe Delacet as:

1 He has never heard of it
2 The chemists he spoke to from the school's list have never heard of it.

Please could you tell me if I can get it prescribed FOC for my daughter, and if so, will the doctor know of it under another name?

Mrs E C

Mother who has tried Full Marks Mousse, Nice & Clear and DerbacM and is still having problems with Daughters Hair SIX months later.

Dear Sir/Madam

We are in the South Yorkshire area, and the chemists in our local area include an instore Asda chemist, Vantage and Superdrug. My last conversation with my GP's receptionist was that they wanted more information, so after looking at your website I downloaded to floppy disc a couple of the pages and will be in my doctors surgery on Monday armed with my laptop and the info refusing to leave until I have a prescription.

Because of various chemicals which I have used since Christmas (Full Marks, Nice & Clear and DerbacM) my Daughter has been left with a scalp that resembles the moon, and both lice (of all ages/sizes) and nits, (half way down the length of her hair) have remained - even after laborious combing.

She is also now starting to show signs of distress as listed on your website such as tiredness, bags under her eyes, irritability, constant scratching, and two days ago, a massive cold sore which I can only attribute to the discomfort of the nits for the past six months. Not the behaviour of a 'normal' carefree six year old!

I would like to thank you for your quick reply. If it's ok I will contact you again in the near future once I have succeeded in receiving your product on prescription

Regards, Mrs E C

Dear Sirs, I have been battling a head lice infestation for about 6 months and I have tried every known product to man and nothing works. My hair id down to my butt and it is thick and curly. The nit combs are worthless in my mop. I can’t get them through my hair and they break. Please help me with this I am so tired of lice and nits it is about to drive me to extreme measures, I mean I am about ready to get a co jack due.

Any tips or information will be greatly appreciated.



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